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The Physics of Self-Transcendence

To be truly and completely free is our destiny, and it is possible when we release all of our attachments to our beliefs in our personal limitations. As long as we believe that we can be threatened, mugged, enslaved and murdered, we cannot be free. If we believe that these things are possible for us, we are aligned with this level of energetics, and we believe that we are separated from the Source of our life. Even if we recognize that this is impossible, deep within we hold onto irrational fear that we have inherited from terrible experiences in antiquity, as well as our social programming. If we can recognize this, we can retrain ourselves by intentionally calling for our Source Being to draw us into awareness of our unconditionally-loving higher Self. When we do this, if we are calm and open, before we can even take a breath, we are flooded with the energy of divine love enfolding us as a tingling feeling throughout our body, alerting us to our divine Presence.

If we can relax into awareness of our eternal presence, we can begin to release the limiting beliefs that have enclosed us within a compartment of universal consciousness that we recognize as the human world of dualism. It is only our limiting beliefs about ourselves that hold us in negative experiences that result in pain. suffering and fear. Nothing beyond our own beliefs has any power over us. Within the hypnotic trance of human experience, we cannot realize this as true. Our ego consciousness cannot expand into infinite Being. To realize this, we must transcend our limitations, which manifest as our ego-consciousness.

There is an aspect of each of us that knows our truth beyond the ego. It is our intuition, coming into our awareness through the energy of our heart. This is where we know our eternal Self and our connection with all conscious beings through the consciousness of our Creator. When we seek to be aware of our intuitive knowing, we can come to realize our essence beyond time and space. This happens on a vibratory level.

The empirical world consists of swirling patterns of energy, beginning with the subatomic beings manifesting as photons, protons, neutrons, electrons and their colleagues, all combining into larger, more complex beings, and resulting in the world we recognize and feel. Our bodies consist of trillions of conscious entities, all gathered and directed in alignment with our consciousness. They are all intended to function in divine vitality to the extent that we live in the unconditional love of the consciousness of the Creator. To the extent that we entertain and believe in fear and limitation, we create the dissipation of our life force, resulting in aging, disease and physical death. None of this is necessary. We can transcend our limitations by resolving and releasing them intentionally with much practice and self-examination. resulting in realizing our essence in Source Consciousness.

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Sep 06, 2022

Powerful! Healing! I’ve read and reread every sentence! It feeds me! And heals me! With deep gratitude! 🦋

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
Sep 09, 2022
Replying to

So much love for you! Thank you for sharing.

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