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Knowing Our True Essence

If we desire to know the truth about ourselves, many factors need our attention. First, we must recognize that we hold beliefs of limitation about ourselves. Anything less than infinity is limitation. We hold many such beliefs that keep us entranced in fear, believing that we are subject to powers greater than ourselves in nearly every aspect of our experience. It is impossible for this to be true, except by our recognition and acceptance of it as real. We have not known the essence of our aliveness and what it actually is. Quantum biology understands our nature as light beings. Every cell of our body is composed of subatomic conscious beings of spinning points of light in various colors that we recognize as particles. As we recognize them, they become real for us, but in their unrecognized presence, they do not exist in our realization. They exist in the infinite quantum field, a portion of which we recognize as reality.


Filling the expanse of the cosmos, conscious beings express electromagnetic waves that vibrate in defined patterns. Our reality is created by our own personal vibratory patterns and energetic signature that magnetize resonating energy patterns of experiences for us. These wave patterns have no form or substance. They are expressions of conscious beings that we can be aware of. Every point of light spinning in resonance with the vibratory patterns within our consciousness has a presence of awareness within our greater consciousness. Our bodies manifest the vibratory qualities of our mental and emotional state of being, together with the expressions of our subconscious.


To be free to realize our true identity, we must reprogram our subconscious to vibrate in resonance with the frequency and polarity of our greater heart.  This is our quantum essence. It is our inner light, receiving the life force for our bodies. When we align with these vibratory patterns, we open ourselves with gratitude to knowing and feeling unconditional love and joy in a high-frequency conscious radiance that contributes to the greater awareness of humanity. The quantum sciences have recognized that there is only one consciousness, and it is infinite. We all participate in it to the extent that our limiting beliefs allow. This is why some of us are telepathic, but many are not.


Trillions of times per second, we are continually created in universal consciousness as fractals of infinite intelligence. Within the human trance, as well as beyond it, we have an eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative ability that we modulate in alignment with our limiting beliefs and perspective. As we learn to recognize our limitations for what they are, and accept them, we can choose to keep or release them. If we release them, we open our awareness to the great unknown. When we have adopted and embodied gratitude, love and joy as our predominant state of being, we can enter the unknown realm of etheric cause in confidence and inner knowing, magnetically attracting everything we need in every moment.

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