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The Path of Inner Realization

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

True freedom is living without limits. For our ego-consciousness this is impossible, because the ego consists of limiting beliefs about ourselves. We have blinded ourselves to our essence beyond time and space; nevertheless, it is possible to realize the truth of who we are. We must put the ego to sleep, while we remain consciously aware. We must learn how to do this. Any of us can do it with practice. Once we realize our pure presence of awareness beyond spacetime, we can no longer enslave ourselves. We can recognize our condition with all of the energy patterns that are expressed every moment. They are all expressed within our own consciousness and brought to our awareness. There are many such expressions available for our attention at all times.

Because we are fractals within infinite consciousness, and we live in a fractalized world, we have infinite choices about everything in our experience and awareness. These are available for our realization. We have choices about everything. To make them real experiences for us, we can imagine and feel ourselves living in scenarios with our choices, until we recognize them as our reality.

Every experience we have is a result of the quality of our personal vibrations. The energy that we express by the qualities of our thoughts and emotions radiates from us into the quantum field, where it returns to us either as a lesson for expansion or as fulfillment of our desires. There is no punishment, only guidance to follow a transformative path through life.

Once we are fully aware of our intuition and inner guidance, we are filled with gratitude and joy. We are open in love and compassion for everyone. We have as much creative power as we allow ourselves with our fears and beliefs about aligning with an unknown energetic pattern. Realizing our unlimited creative power requires releasing all fear and doubt, and filling ourselves with life-enhancing energies for everyone and everything in our awareness always. We are designed to be clear conduits of the divine consciousness of our Creator and the fully-aware masters of our entire lives.

For those of us who resonate with these energies, this is an important connection for us, and it will strengthen as we gain experience. For those of us who do not recognize this as possible, then it is not, and you should move on. The reality of all of this is dependent upon inner realization.

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