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The Passionate Path to Conscious Expansion

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

One of the strongest limitations that we hold onto with great desire relates to our sexuality, and it can relate to any deep connection. Whatever is not natural creates a limitation. What is natural is joy and deepest love. The problem arises when we allow a quality of desire to take us away from our intuition, and we begin to sink into fixation, as our vibratory level drops. When we recognize that this is happening, we can choose to take measures to come back into a high state of being and reconnect with our intuitive knowing and elevated feeling. From here our deepest relationships flow naturally in many wonderful ways, and can enhance our intuition, helping us to be clearer and more expanding in our awareness.

As with everything that we feel deeply connected to, our sexuality keeps us anchored to the empirical world. There is no other experience as intense as the world that stimulates all of our senses. Without physical bodies, how do spirit beings have non-physical sex? They still have bodies that are more subtle than ours. They interface with each other’s vibrations and can align together in great joy. When we learn to do this, it can be the deepest alignment with another conscious presence that we can experience as humans. If this is our ideal, nothing beyond ourselves is holding us back from realizing this level of personal connection. We are creatures conceived in unconditional love expressing its qualities in us.

Time and distance keep us within their vibratory spectrum of sensuousness. Although the realm of the senses can provide deeply impressionable experiences, this is a limitation that is not real. It’s a constantly created vibratory pattern recognized and held in human consciousness. We can recognize it, but we don’t have to stay within it. We have much greater capabilities beyond the physical. We can begin to be aware of the vibratory level of the conscious presences around us, beyond the physical body, and we can interact and communicate telepathically with them. These are potential steps to our Self-Realization.

If we want to elevate our lives, we need to be able to break our focus on the empirical world and refocus on our own high-vibratory visions, to the extent that we can passionately feel ourselves experiencing them, we can elevate human consciousness to create a higher-dimensional world that we share. If threats do not exist in our visions, we can no longer believe in them, and our world becomes peaceful. We can choose our own reality, if we are intent enough. It all depends on the level of our personal vibrations in alignment with our intuition. Our thoughts, sounds, emotions, perspective and beliefs create the quality of our experiences, real or imagined. By the energetic expression of our state of being In every moment, we radiate creative energetic impressions into the quantum field to manifest as our experiences and to change human consciousness.

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