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The Origin and Resolution of Personal Limitation

From within the limitations of our awareness, we cannot know our true essence. We are beyond time/space in eternally present infinite awareness, expressing ourselves as humans living in a compartmentalized spectrum within universal consciousness. From within the consciousness of humanity, we do not know unconditional love and abundance. If we want to know this kind of life, we can begin by filling ourselves with gratitude for every experience.

We can have the perspective that we have created our current situation for our learning and fulfillment of something that we feel encumbered by, or for something that we love. When we have the feeling that we are enhancing ourselves and all conscious beings, we are resolving our ego-conscious fear of deprivation. We are allowing the expansion of personal awareness into a greater understanding of the cause of our experiences.

All of our personal limitations depend upon beliefs that we hold, and that we can intentionally change at any time. These beliefs arise from some form of fear that we do not allow ourselves to realize. We can trace this fear to concerns for survival and comfort. These concerns are held in ego-consciousness and develop into fear of the unknown. Unless we resolve this fear, we cannot expand our awareness. This is where we can work with ourselves for an inner awareness of heart-consciousness.

Our feelings always inform us of the presence of negativity or positivity. When we face negativity, it is because we have engaged with it in the past, and we now have the opportunity to transform our vibratory alignment. Our experiences are reflections of energetic patterns that we hold in our consciousness, including our subconscious. By shifting our vibratory alignment to the energy of our heart-consciousness, we transform our outer experiences.

Nothing is actually “outer.” Everything is contained in our consciousness, and we are capable of infinite awareness. Everything that we experience is patterns of energy that our consciousness interprets as empirical stimulation of our senses. It is all going on within universal consciousness, which we participate in. There is only one consciousness, and we are aware of as much of it as we allow ourselves. Held within human awareness, we have been our only limitations, and we are being invited to resolve them and free ourselves to live in a state of gratitude, joy and fulfillment for all.

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