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The Next Step in Expanding Our Conscious Awareness

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

In the journey toward personal fulfillment, expanding to include all of humanity, we have much training and programming of personal limitations to overturn and resolve. Our next stage of evolution is the expansion of our consciousness to the realization of our unlimited choices in expressing our creative ability. This depends upon our mental and emotional shift in polarity and vibratory level in alignment with our intuitive knowing, the expression of the energy of the heart of our Being.

Because we have been trained and persuaded to accept entrancement within a limited scope of awareness, and it is the turning of the ages into a time of greater knowing and awareness, we are being drawn by the rising energies of our cosmic environment to open our awareness to our greater Being. In order to make this shift within ourselves, we can drop our attraction to negativity and begin to transcend the realm of duality into a dimension beyond polarity and fear, a level of consciousness expressing unconditional love and joyful living. Here our choices can expand to an infinite number of ways to expand and enhance life everywhere we focus our attention.

We still have the choice to delve into the negative, but we have no attraction for the realm of belief in fear and mortality. We’ve been exposed to that entire realm and can begin to remember our true Self, unlimited by space/time in the realm of duality. We can be grateful for the experience, because this kind of knowing would be impossible in our infinite consciousness. We could not hold these limiting beliefs about ourselves. They are unbelievable for our greater Being. And so we created a realm of limited consciousness in order to experience negativity. Now we know all about it personally and can have deep compassion for anyone stuck in this dimension, as if it is real.

Because everything is an expression of electromagnetic energy in infinite variations of swirling patterns, from the sub-Planck subatomic to entire universes and beyond, we can participate in any of it by our recognition and realization. We are the creators of our own experiential qualities by the focus and alignment of our attention with the wave patterns that we recognize in our perception and imagination. They are both closely related. The only difference is our realization of the reality of one, but not the other. The other, imagination, is not believable as real in our ego-consciousness. In order to change this, we can approach it from a perspective of openness and clarity of mind and emotions, closely examining the feelings of the energetics that we’re dealing with. We know when there’s a tinge of fear or doubt, and this is when we can align our focus with our intuitive knowing, and feeling the energies of our heart, which provide the guidance we need in any situation. By aligning with its quality of energy, we are guided into the dimension of expanding awareness and greater realization of our creativity.

Tomorrow will be the last time I’ll post these messages for about two weeks, because I’ll be traveling.

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07 nov 2022

Aloha Ken, enjoy your vacation!

Me gusta

05 nov 2022

Enjoy your travels… we’ll miss you. 🦋

Me gusta
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