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The Nature of the Divinity Within

If we want to recognize the true essence of who we are. We are the One who sees through our eyes and experiences everything we encounter. In order to have the intense experiences of physicality, we chose to impose limitations on our awareness, resulting in our being unaware of realms beyond the physical. If we have had experiences of them, we haven’t believed they’re real. These limiting beliefs are not required of us. They’re just programs in our consciousness that are not needed any more, and can be changed.

We are experiencers having our own presence of awareness here and beyond time/space. We can express ourselves however we desire, except for our limiting beliefs about ourselves. These are programs that we designed to be unbreakable, but there is a key that allows for their recognition, acceptance, resolution and release with transcendence. It is found in our intuition, and it is awareness of our conscious life force and our connection in infinite consciousness through the energy of the heart of our Being.

The energetic quality of our inner guidance is the energy of our Creator, whose consciousness we receive and participate in. It is our inner-most knowing and our deepest feelings. It is the energy of creation and life-enhancement and all of the emotions that are present in this vibratory dimension. To be aware of it, we can imagine its reality in our alignment with gratitude, joy, compassion and love. This opens our awareness to experiences that we want to have. All we have to do is believe that these energies are true and realize their reality. When we shift our belief system, everything in our experience changes.

Limiting beliefs keep us locked into dualistic energetic patterns, which enclose our awareness, until we can realize our intuition and its value. It is part of our presence of awareness. When we follow our inner prompting and guidance, we can be free of limitations. We can live in a kind of parallel dimension based on the enhancement of all life. We can be constantly creating whatever we desire. This is what we do, whether we are aware of it or not. If we want to master this ability, we need to be able to direct our attention consistently to how we feel deep within. We can always know how to align our imagination and emotions with the vibrations we love and want to experience. Every scenario we want to experience already exists in the quantum field for us to recognize and make real in our experience.

With our energetic alignment, we attract resonating experiences. Everything we think about and feel has a vibratory quality. We have the constant opportunity to focus on whatever we want to feel and pay attention to. Everything is possible and available for our recognition through our inner guidance, which is always directing us toward creation and enhancement of life, including ours.

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