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The Magic that Yields Ultimate Freedom

We are all capable of injecting magic into our lives. This is our opportunity to stop being lightweights, compared to our real abilities. We no longer have to play sick or poor or enslaved on whatever level. Our conditions are entirely our own vibratory creation. We are our own prison guards. Regardless of how we arrived in our present life experience, our lives from now on can be completely different. Our experiences are created in universal consciousness by our own thought-patterns and emotional state of being. We can shift our focus of attention to the vibratory spectrum of our heart-consciousness. The heart leaps to our support whenever we need more oxygen, regardless of what we use it for. This is unconditional love in personal freedom and is the level of vibration that we can resonate with in every moment.

When we allow ourselves to align with the energies of our heart-consciousness, we enter a realm of goodness and abundance without limit. Our heart-consciousness supports our bodies in the best ways that our general consciousness allows, as expressed in our energy signature. When we open our awareness to life-enhancement in every way, we can feel what unconditional love actually is. We are in a realm beyond ego-consciousness. Now we’re beginning to gain some stature as real humans.

The quantum field of all potentialities holds every possible kind of experience. Our consciousness sources our personal experiences from the vibrations of our thoughts and emotions, expressed as our energy signature. Every experience is a result of the operations of consciousness, including our attitude and perspective. We are constantly creating a flow of conscious and subconscious vibrations that we radiate from our essence. The vibrations that we choose to hold in our imagination and feelings establish the frequency band and polarity in our psychic environment, which we realize as our reality.

While practicing living in the energy of our heart, we can enhance life all around and within us. We can align with experiences that have this quality. This is when magic occurs. It is what blows ego-consciousness away. Living in the vibrations of joy, compassion and life-enhancement, we transcend the limits of ego-consciousness. Our situation comes into alignment with our elevating and expanding energy signature. Our circumstances arrange themselves to manifest the energetics that we create in our alignment with heart-consciousness. We enter a dimension of mastery with our mental and emotional abilities in service to unconditional love in the consciousness of the Creator. We can come to realize in our essence that we are the Creator.

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