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The Magic of Living in High Vibrations

Because we live in a plasma field of swirling patterns of electromagnetic waves, our consciousness interprets a frequency band that we recognize as our world of experience. In its essence, it is all energy. There is nothing solid about it, except in our belief system. By recognizing our chosen energies, which possess polarity, frequency or wave-length and amplitude, we are able to interact with them in creative ways. Emotionally, we can feel them. Intuitionally, we can know them. Our consciousness presents them to us in forms and sense impressions. When we encounter one another, each of us has an energetic signature that others can feel, just as we feel their presence.

Energetically, we have potentially unlimited awareness, because we participate in consciousness that envelops and interpenetrates everything. Our consciousness modulates energy. With our free-will intentions, we can pay attention to anything we choose. We can do this with our eyes and ears and all of our senses, and we can do it in our imagination and emotions, apart from the experiential world. If we let our heart guide our emotions and our intentions, we become positive in polarity, and we align ourselves with the unconditional love flowing to us in our life force.

As we elevate our awareness by intentionally living in joy and compassion, our consciousness begins to transform our experiences. Without the life force of our alignment with negative energies in either resistance or support, the negative force disappears from our lives. We can give our attention to positive energies. We all know when we’re doing this, and we can feel it.

Because we have limited our awareness, we have not known how powerful our attention is. How we direct our awareness determines the level of our vibrations, which radiate the quality of our energy into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience. Whether we live in imaginary or empirical experiences, they’re all the same in creating a vibratory level in our consciousness. By intentionally directing our realizations and emotions in alignment with the energy of our heart, we enter the world of magic, and our experiences transform into joy and ecstasy. The world around us, which is actually within our consciousness, adjusts itself to provide the qualities that align with our own vibrations.

Our personal experiences depend upon our own perspective and state of being. There are infinite positive energetic patterns and experiences that we can be aware of, and we are aware of as much as our self-imposed limitations allow. As we resolve our limitations and become our clear presence of awareness, vibrating in resonance with our heart, everything comes into alignment with us in our experience.

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