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The Light of Our Life

We are beings of living light, emitting photons, which are quanta of light. They are conscious, living beings expressing themselves as electromagnetic wave patterns that appear to us as light. They exist within us and all around us. They are fully aware of our essence and interact with us in ways that enable us to perceive them. When we choose to focus on them, we see them. When we do not realize their presence, they still exist in their own being and express themselves energetically, but they do not appear in our awareness or in our reality. They have no mass and no limited form.

Photons are multidimensional beings, just like us. They have an essence that is beyond time/space, but, like us, they can express themselves within the empirical world. They are given to us with our conscious life force that comes to us constantly from Creator consciousness. Their essence is the same as ours. As fractals of the divine One, we are connected within the same consciousness. We can always be aware of our inner light, and we receive as much as we allow. The more photons we emit, the brighter we appear.

As we resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can become more aware of our own access to infinite consciousness. Along with a greater sensitivity to our inner knowing, we can become aware of greater light in our own being. We can choose to have a desire and intention to enhance the life of everything and everyone in our presence. In this process, we naturally enhance our own lives without even having to be mindful of it. We can create the highest energies of love and joy to manifest for us, because we can align ourselves with the energy of our heart. This draws other heart-felt beings into our presence, along with abundant living and personal freedom to express what we are intuitively guided.

Once we are fully aware of our intuitive guidance, and we can express ourselves in alignment with it, we become creators of wonderful experiences that we are deeply grateful for. We can receive the unfettered flow of conscious life force, radiant with Source Light flowing through our heart and into our awareness in joy and love. By keeping our attention on positive scenarios, we continue to create fulfillment for ourselves and all around us.

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