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Journey Toward Mastery of Self

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

As we grow in our understanding of life, we realize that we have lived within unnecessary limits, unless we have intentionally wanted consciousness limitation for specific kinds of experiences, such as living in the duality of the interplay of positive and negative energies. Apart from intentional, self-imposed limitation of what levels of energy we allow within our awareness, we are by nature infinite Beings, wielding powerful creative abilities. We only need to realize who we are as limitless awareness with free choice of focusing our attention on anything. We can imagine living in a realm that we totally love. When we realize this state of being, we align ourselves with its energetic patterns, and it opens our awareness to the reality of greater experiences.

With our vibratory alignment in resonance with an identifiable spectrum of energies, we create experiences for ourselves that are at the same vibratory level. Our experiences are a result of their attraction to our state of being. For this reason, we may seek clarity, so that we can more easily realize the reality of our creations. While we are attached to beliefs in our limitations, we cannot have clarity, and we tend to sabotage our creations unintentionally through doubt.

We have not believed that we are infinitely powerful creators. This is beyond ego-consciousness. If we do not release doubt in our ability, how could we realize our creations? Our power of realization depends upon our inner knowing of greater consciousness. True knowing comes through our intuition, which requires our unbiased, clear attention, allowing our awareness to be guided by the energetic patterns of the heart of our Being. This is life-enhancing energy in every way. It is our participation in universal consciousness expanding in unconditional love and joy.

By aligning ourselves in the best ways that we can with the most elevating thoughts and feelings that we can imagine, we can train ourselves to be open to the reality of living in a more positive and wonderful dimension of limitless potential for our creative intentions. As we work through our limitations, our awareness expands, until finally we realize that we are living in an ideal environment that is our present reality. The transformation of our reality happens when we can realize it, at which time any remaining sense of limitation becomes unbelievable.

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