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The Interaction of Light and Darkness

Because empirical manifestation needs a lower vibration than pure light, the dark force must exist to balance the light. In pure light, nothing else can exist. As universal consciousness, light is infinite awareness, present everywhere and always in the present moment. Until we align ourselves completely with the full presence of Creator consciousness, we will experience dark energy, but we do not have to give it our focus and energetic resonance. We can be beyond polarity and negativity in our perspective, and we can live in the vibrations of gratitude and compassion.

The only way that dark energy could become our parasite is our submission to, and engagement with, negative polarity and enslavement. The dark must absorb our light in order to exist, because only the light exists in Infinite Being. By absorbing the light of humanity, the dark force receives humanity’s life force through the vibrations of fear, doubt, anger and shame. These are all loaded with life-diminishing thoughts and emotions. They are electromagnetic expressions that feed the consciousness of the parasites, directing some of our life force to them and enabling them to exist in our presence.

This relationship does not have to be. We are on our way to becoming light-Beings. The less we choose to engage with the dark force, the weaker it becomes. Without our alignment, it disappears from our experience, and we become more radiant, which is currently happening. With the ultimate demise of the dark force, there will be only light Beings, fully present in our awareness, aware of the presence of one another and able to interact in any way we choose.

In our true Self, each of us is multi-dimensional in our awareness, and we can express ourselves in any dimension. In the empirical world of humanity, we have become so entranced, that we cannot escape duality, unless we find our true intuitive knowing. We are free to focus on any level of energy that we choose in every moment. If we choose the energy of life-enhancement for all involved, including all of nature, we align with our intuition and find that we draw that level of energetic experience into our lives. We can learn to increase and direct our focus of attention to the qualities of energy that we want to experience. If we want to, we can learn to stay in our chosen spectrum of energy.

There is no requirement, outside of ourselves, for us to stay in the experience of duality. We can brighten our lives by living in the present moment, guided by intuitive knowing, and feeling wonderful. By staying at the vibratory level of love and compassion, we transcend negativity, and our circumstances arrange themselves to accommodate our vibratory resonance.

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