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The Importance of Just Being Present in Awareness

The continuing task of all who are on the inward path is to learn and practice being our eternal, presence of awareness, just being open and aware, allowing the energies of Gaia and our enveloping cosmic field to reveal themselves to us. In pure awareness we have no attraction or resistance to anything. We just are present and aware, letting the energies that we encounter pass through us without judgment or alignment. They are just patterns of energy, capable of stimulating feelings and thoughts in us, attracted to us by the quality of our energy signatures. These have been mostly creations of our ego-consciousness, within the bounds of the energetic patterns held in the consciousness of humanity. The entire world of human experience is made real for us by human life force through our recognition and belief in its reality, and our resonance with its spectrum of vibrations.

Although it’s just patterns of electromagnetic waves organized by polarity and frequency levels, the world of human experience in empirical duality appears very solid. The entire world that we perceive happens only in our own consciousness, and it keeps entering our thoughts and emotions, even when we just want to be clear and present in awareness. These energies that enter our awareness do not need our alignment, and we can let them pass through, as if they were scenery on a voyage through time.

The awareness that we are being attracted to is always present within our heart as the inner guidance of our intuition. It offers no judgment, only support for our enlightenment. It is our connection with universal consciousness and comes from the Source of unconditional love. It confers joy, freedom and abundance throughout our life, when we can appreciate and receive its guidance through our alignment with its polarity and vibratory level.

In order to benefit from our intuitive knowing, we just need to be present and aware as much as possible, as well as mentally and emotionally clear. We can feel the warmth of energies that we are naturally attracted to. These are empowered by divine intent for the creation and enhancement of all life. In order to align with these energies, we first need to release our attachments to limitations.

All of this requires practice in resolving our subconscious training and fixations, which arise in our awareness, when we begin to move beyond their limits. This is when we can examine them and realize if they have a basis in love. If we direct our awareness to the energy of our heart, we receive abundant love and joy. This is our creative power, and it is unlimited. All we need to do is be aware of it and realize what it is.

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