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The Gifts of Imagination and Feelings

Our imagination and emotions are creative aspects of our consciousness. They are the aspects we use to express our desires and create our reality. Because everything is patterns of energetic waves, some of which we perceive, there must be a selectively organizing presence to attract the constituent energies to form an empirical manifestation. That function is provided by our imagination and our emotions. We are energy modulators. All of the vibratory patterns that we imagine and feel create our experiences by attracting the elements held in our awareness. We fill our awareness with our mental and emotional scenarios. These are our expressions in the quantum field of all potentialities, and they attract resonating energetic patterns at the speed of thought, which is instantaneous throughout the cosmos. We change our vibratory resonance in every moment by our imaginings and feelings. Both of these are aspects of our free will. We are free to think about and feel however we want, and we get to experiences of results of our free will choices, whether intentional or by default to our subconscious.

When we are preoccupied with survival, we are negatively polarized and attract similar negative energies, resulting in experiences that we do not want. When we imagine and connect with scenarios that we do not like, we empower them with our life force, and our doubt about our manifesting ability contributes to negativity. When we imagine and align with scenarios that we love, we are empowered by these. We are the free-will creators of the qualities of every personal experience, consciously and subconsciously.

If we can imagine and feel being our eternal presence of awareness, and we can be receptive to our intuition, we can resolve and transcend our beliefs in limitation, while being guided by more expanded consciousness. There are things we can do to assist our imagination, such as having deep laughter; deep, rhythmic breathing for a few breaths to expand our attention; inspiring music and the presence of others in the same energetic alignment.

By being intentional in using our imagination and emotions, we can be strong in our perspective and our energetic state of being, especially when we are constantly aware of our intuition. Everything in our awareness can be elements of our guidance, which is moving us into alignment with universal consciousness. Our imagination and emotions are our tools to accomplish this. We are being urged to control our focus of attention in increasingly positive ways. When we are aware of how we really want to feel in every moment, and we can intentionally call forth those feelings, regardless of what else may be vying for our attention, we can master mental and emotional control, resulting in experiencing the results of our intentionally-desired scenarios.

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