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The Gathering of Our Spiritual Family

Many of us have lived much of our lives as hermits, and we find it unusual and valuable to meet one of our loving and joyful spiritual family members. As we move further into our heart-consciousness, we meet more of our spiritual siblings. As soon as we see the light in each other’s eyes, we know who we are. These encounters are becoming a lot of fun and are inspiring. Sometimes they last for a moment. We can enjoy every moment and always be present in gratitude and compassion for each other.

Our work of raising our vibrations to align with our intuition results in great enjoyment of life and meeting more heart-centered and enlightened brothers and sisters. As we expand our conscious awareness together, we are forming a level of consciousness beyond the spectrum of the human society we have experienced. While we attract those who are acquainted with transcendence, we will have fewer encounters with those who choose to stay in an ego-centric world that is based in fear and expectation of ultimate demise.

As we desire awareness of our spiritual guides and angels, we can open ourselves more to our intuitive guidance. In our encounters with others, we can look for the light in every scenario and expect to feel and know the nature of each interaction, and how our heart-consciousness pervades our awareness with higher guidance. Because our free will is aways preeminent, we must desire and ask for connections with our spiritual guides, who are immediately present and connected with us. Our part is to recognize their presence and realize their guidance.

If we do not interfere with our intuitive connection with doubt and skepticism, we can know how to conduct our lives in every moment. As we practice maintaining our focus on gratitude, love and compassion in every encounter, we free ourselves from the limitations of ego-consciousness. We can become aware that we are living in a dimension of heart-consciousness. This is where we meet many members of our spiritual family.

Living in heart-consciousness gives us access to our higher guidance and leads to personal fulfillment. We can choose to disempower negative energies in our lives by depriving them of our engagement and alignment. Without our life-force, they dissolve from our experience. We do not move to another place. We just live in a different dimension, in which negativity does not exist, and everyone realizes our conscious connection with one another.

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