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The Function of Gratitude in Our Lives

We all know what we feel when we resonate with another person, or even a group. We feel a sense of joy in connecting. When we are resonating with our heart-consciousness, we can feel this joy in every encounter. The feeling comes from within, and it is not in response to any outer situation. It is in alignment with our inner knowing. When we can realize the essence of the conscious life that we are living within, we can recognize the light of Being in everyone. We are all playing our roles and having the experiences that we have chosen and expressed by our polarity and vibratory levels.

In order to experience our earthly lives as we do, we have created the persons that we believe we are. Through our realization of heart-consciousness, we can enjoy every moment, regardless of any surrounding energies. We can open ourselves to greater joy and fulfillment. In this way, we resonate with greater radiance and attract resonating experiences and encounters. Because we are the creators of our energetic presence, we can be in gratitude for everything and every experience. We have created it all, and we are free to feel however we want about it.

How we feel within ourselves in every moment creates the qualities of our experiences. By being in gratitude, even in the face of strong negativity, we can resonate with our heart-consciousness. Since our state of being can always be a conscious choice, we can align with our expanded knowing and understanding of the play of energies and the nature of our participation. The vibratory range of our state of being can always be intentional.

We can realize what we are doing with our thoughts and emotions in creating our energy signature. If we can interact appropriately in our world, while also being aware that we are constantly being guided from within by our heart-conscious intuition, we can enjoy the miracles and wonders that we can create in our lives. When we align with gratitude, compassion and joy, our radiance intensifies, and our creative power strengthens. We can come to trust ourselves to be life-enhancing in our thoughts and feelings.

As we expand our awareness within our consciousness, we become able to realize our eternal presence of awareness beyond all dimensions. Living within the consciousness of the Source of our awareness and life force, we are connected with our heart-consciousness. When we can be in gratitude for this in every moment, we transform our lives into experiences of love and joy by our nature as energy modulators.

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