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The Extent of Our Consciousness

By holding the fear of life-diminishment in our awareness, we align with its polarity and feed it our creative life force. There is no requirement outside of ourselves to hold a belief in fear. It is a product of our imagination and a trick in our emotions. We have become so deeply entranced in the empirically dualistic world, that we have been unaware of our own role in our experiences.

Everything in our awareness is contained in our own consciousness. Although other beings can be playing the same matrix game with one another, our participation is important in the way that it affects our own creativity. If we are entirely motivated in alignment with the intuition of our heart-consciousness, we have our own mental and emotional guidance within ourselves. There is nothing to fear, because intuitively we know and feel what is true for us.

We can realize that we have greater consciousness beyond the realm of duality. Beyond duality is an energetic realm of life enhancement in every way. Negative energy cannot exist on its own, because it is self-destructive. It needs a host to provide conscious life force for it. Humans are the hosts for negativity. Instead of reacting to negativity in our presence, we can continue to realize our presence in deepest love and joy.

It is possible to realize ourselves beyond the physical body. We have awareness beyond time/space. We are eternally self-aware within universal consciousness. Our physical body is an expression of our subconscious self in alignment with our energy signature, our state of being. By following our intuitive knowing with gratitude, we can transform our lives into the realm of joy, compassion and fulfillment.

If we perceive a threat, it means that we have lost our intuitive connection, and we are in duality and fear, and we believe in our mortality. If we find ourselves in this situation, we are free to change our focus to what we love in order to shift our polarity to positive, resolving the negative energy. Without our fear, the negative is powerless in our personal life. Courage is required to take this leap in consciousness beyond fear to unconditional love. It’s easy if we follow our intuitive knowing, even if we waver as we’re learning.

With powerfully impressive intention, we can urge our subconscious to work in alignment with us, as we expand our awareness to the essence of who we are as our infinite presence of awareness with creative abilities. Our expanded awareness can include the entirety of universal consciousness. Once we can realize this, we are personally unlimited in every way.

This life is a mental and emotional game that we’re playing with our consciousness, together with other humans and celestial beings. If we desire full Self-Realization beyond time/space and duality, it is all present in our consciousness already, awaiting our realization.

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