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The Essence of Realization

Realization is a result of our intuitive knowing. It is beyond thought, but it can be stimulated by thought, feelings, encounters, imagination and by our request. When we involve ourselves so thoroughly in a higher math equation or an invention that we haven’t been able to figure out mentally, we can retreat into our inner knowing, and the answer will appear in our realization. We can do the same thing when we are stuck in poverty or starvation. After we have pondered our situation and have not been able to know how to face it, we can go within, open ourselves to the solution we need and wait for the realization that gives us the guidance we need. To realize our inner guidance, we must be in a state of complete acceptance, without any preconceptions and in which our ego-consciousness has given up control, especially if threatened with failure of survival.

Regardless of how difficult life may become, it is helpful to be in gratitude, knowing that we are abundantly cared-for, which we always are, once we can realize this. Realization is the necessary ingredient in making our reality. It is our inner knowing so completely that we are entirely comfortable in its presence. In its truth, there is no possible energetic strong enough to sway it. It is part of the energy of our conscious life force and is able to access universal consciousness. Once we can open ourselves completely to the energies of unconditional love, we can transcend the restrictions we have placed upon our awareness. This may be a moment-by-moment process.

More than awareness, realization makes energetic patterns real in our experience. Realization can be awareness of the energetic patterns that, as humans, we have learned and incorporated into beliefs that limit our realization ability. Our beliefs are like standing waves that have been created by the power of the ocean. They cannot be changed. They can only be resolved and released into the quantum field for the creation of new energetic patterns. Resolution happens in our own awareness through acceptance of the energetic incoherence of difficulties. They’re all just experiences that are brought into our awareness for our benefit, guiding us toward our inner Self-Realization.

Becoming aware of our true, expansive Being is what all aspects of life are urging us to do. If we choose to look for these energetic patterns, we can open ourselves to aligning with their vibrations and drawing them into our experience. Once we resolve and release our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we free our power of realization, and we can transform ourselves into Beings of great love, joy and creative power, as fractals of the Creator.

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