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The Essence of Our Creative Nature

What we experience is what we have energetically aligned ourselves with. Every possible scenario exists in the quantum field as a collection of energies with specific polarity and frequency patterns. Although we believe ourselves to be solid physical beings living in a solid empirical world, our physicality is actually our conscious perception and interpretation of spinning energetic vortices of identifiable energetic patterns that become material when we recognize them. We recognize them when we align with their vibrations in our innate being. In our conscious awareness this means that we feel their vibrations and imagine their appearance.

We have the choice of aligning with any energetics in any dimension that we feel attracted to. By incarnating as humans on this planet, we have agreed to compartmentalize our conscious awareness within the empirical spectrum of energetics in a realm of duality. In order to do this, we have to be unaware of our greater Self, but we do not lose our connection with our true Being. This connection remains as our intuition in the energetic expression of the heart of our Being.

In our true nature we are multidimensional and are unlimited in every way. We are naturally creative in all of our thoughts and emotions, and we can learn to control and direct these aspects of ourselves for intentionally creative living. In order to create the desires of our heart, we must transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves and become completely confident in our emotional and mental alignment with the energetic expression that we desire to experience.

Since everything we desire already exists in universal consciousness, we attract it into our experience by feeling its presence in our lives and imagining our enjoyment of it, until we recognize its reality in our personal experience. This requires no effort. We do not need to command anything. It requires only our gratitude and confidence in its reality in our experience beyond duality. If we can stay completely positive in confidence of our creative ability, we can create anything we desire through the energy of our heart.

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