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The Enlightened Role of the Negative Elite

Why are psychopaths in our lives? Why do we have to experience human slavery in all of its forms? How does this work from a higher perspective?

In simple terms they are here to teach us deeper love and compassion, which we learn from suffering and tragedy. We can realize this only when we are aligned with the expanded consciousness of our heart.

We have been trained to react negatively to those who cheat and lie to us, especially to those who are truly evil, and especially toward children. We are here to experience every form of energy that we have called into our lives. If we pay attention to everything, especially our most subtle feelings, we become able to transform every circumstance into a miracle of love and joy.

To begin this process, we need to become clear on every level. We need to release every deeply-held trauma and fear that we probably don't even know exist in our psyches. We meet them when an anomalous urge comes up to our attention, and we recognize that it is not compatible with higher-frequency energy. When we are untrue, even a little, we have a hint of shame and deep fear that is arising because we feel threatened by transparency. Fear wants to protect us from any form of pain or trauma. It can direct us to hate someone, especially one to whom we have given authority over us, and we believe that the authority is being abused, and especially if we believe we can do nothing about it.

We are sovereign beings, and no other entity can mistreat us without our permission, although we can be tricked into giving our consent without our conscious awareness. This is what we’ve subjected ourselves to. We have agreed to undergo these experiences in order to learn how to transform them. If the lessons were easy, we could not be able to gain the proficiency that we desire.

The world that we live in appears to be real, but it’s all a complex configuration of energies, vibrating within a limited spectrum of frequencies, that our senses perceive as empirical. Through our personal perspective within the conscious awareness of humanity, we create the quality of our experiences. In unawakened beings each experience results from an emotional state that elicited imaginary scenes from the past or the future. An awakened being lives in awareness within the present moment, moving in rhythm with deepest knowing.  There are no fears or expectations—only the desires of the heart moving into manifestation through love and joy.

The natural path to expanded consciousness results in showering love, compassion and joy on everyone who comes into our awareness. We recognize that we are all the same Being in our deepest consciousness. In our heart we are all sparks of light. The aware ones are loving, singing and dancing the unawakened ones into higher-conscious awareness and deepest love, while knowing that we are infinitely powerful creators of our heart’s desires. We can be invulnerable from the lower spectrum of frequencies that have resonated on the Earth for so many eons. With an expanding consciousness, we are transforming the lower frequencies into a higher dimensional world of positivity.

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Right-on! I’m feeling it too! Thank you, Kenneth! 🌼

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