The Energetics of Shifting Dimensions

We are constantly created in unconditional love and given our conscious life force and our unique Being in every moment for all eternity. In every present moment we have our unique conscious awareness, both in the body and beyond time and space. There is an expansion of human awareness beyond the empirical world. In our inner knowing, we can realize expanding into greater awareness of a brighter life of gratitude, beauty and joy.

The consciousness of the Creator is drawing us toward positive polarity in love, freedom and abundance. For us to realize this and experience it in our lives, we can open ourselves to the expanding flow of life and confidently intend to participate in it now. It already exists for us as patterns of energy, but we must recognize and realize it, in order for it to be real for us. This may sound like a trick of consciousness, but it’s actually penetrating the limitations we have placed on our conscious awareness.

If we want to experience the enhancement of life, we can align with the energy radiating from the heart of our Being and coming through our intuitive knowing and feeling. We can use our creative imagination and emotions to open ourselves to the energy of our heart, while wanting to recognize and realize what it is. As we become aware of the life-enhancing flow of conscious vitality, we can confidently expect to experience its greater reality in our lives.

Enveloping us, there is elevating quantum energy that we can invite into our awareness. If we choose to align our vibrations in resonance with it, we are shifted into its spectrum of energetics. If this is a dramatic shift, such as changing polarities to only positive, it can transform all of our experiences. We can find that we have infinite abilities in how we can use our free will and focus of attention.

Once we have internalized the energy of gratitude, joy and love, we are aligning with the energy of our heart. This is the vibratory spectrum of our intuition and is how we align with it. It is how we can become aware of our eternal, infinite Self. We can free ourselves from our self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves and expand into our infinite awareness.

We can be aware of the awareness of all conscious beings, because all live within the consciousness of the Creator and are connected in infinite love. Our intuition has no bounds, unless we impose them, which we have done. Now we can break free and expand to our natural limitless awareness.

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