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The Depth of Our Consciousness

Mastery of ourselves requires absolute alignment with pure present awareness and intuitive knowing. This is possible for all of us, provided we are strongly motivated and open to higher energetic expressions. We have a compartment of duality in our consciousness that is bound by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. If we can resolve these through awareness in alignment with compassion and life enhancement, we can transcend the compartment of duality into unlimited Being in eternal present awareness, able to be anyone anywhere in eternity. Everything is our choice. We have no limits to our personal awareness and creative ability.

Because we are fractals of the One who contains all consciousness, we are part of unlimited consciousness. Understanding this leap in awareness from duality to only positive on a high level, is possible. Any hint of doubt or fear is negative and is part of the realm of duality. Whenever they arise, we can transform them with confidence in alignment with our intuition, which is an expression of the heart of our Being. Any deep urges that come from within must be faced and resolved intuitively. In our essence, we are pure divine Being. Intuitively we know who we are, and it is our intuitive knowing that guides us into our eternal present-awareness in unlimited Being.

We have been projecting ourselves as human persons playing our destined roles for this experience and were given a largely hidden subconscious innate part of our consciousness, so that our bodies can function without too much life-diminishing energies from our ego-conscious self, who has little awareness of higher guidance and is attracted to negative scenarios. The innate part of our conscious self has only deductive reasoning ability. It cannot think inductively, as our ego-conscious self can. It’s designed to function perfectly in every cell, but it can be deeply influenced by our traumas and deep fears. These cause mal-functioning in the innate consciousness, leading to physical defects, pain and ultimately physical death.

If we decide to take a different path from duality, it can take us ultimately to our unlimited Self Awareness. It requires a strong intention to know who we really are and an openness to our inner knowing. If we can train ourselves to be positive, loving and compassionate in every moment as a state of being, we can create that energetic aura, which attracts resonant energetic patterns with similar mental and emotional stimulation. By being absolutely positive in our lives and following our intuitive guidance, we can expand our awareness into our true Being, our unlimited present Self awareness.

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