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The Depth of Our Being

By being in a state of deep gratitude, we can allow ourselves to be drawn into awareness of eternal Self-Realization. Once we have the awareness of our inner light and the awesomeness of our Being, we have transcended ego-consciousness and negativity. Our life transforms to experience the vibrations of love and fulfillment, regardless of what appears to be happening around us. Once we know our true Self, we can align our human self as an expression of our eternal Being. When we realize our infinitely powerful creative ability, the limitations of empirical life disappear.

Coming into Self Realization can happen by being intentionally completely positive, enhancing all of life in our thoughts and emotions. This is the expression of the energy of the heart of our Being, and it resonates in our intuition. By choosing to be in this energy spectrum, our experiences come into alignment with us. When we follow our inner guidance, we can achieve complete freedom in every way. We can resolve and release our limitations and all negative energy patterns, allowing us to transcend ego-consciousness.

In gratitude, we can imagine being our true Self, ever expanding our awareness in universal consciousness. We can keep clarifying our awareness, until we become transparent. In the consciousness of the Creator, we can realize the flow of divine energy surrounding us and allow it to draw us into alignment with positive, high vibrations.

As we move through our experiences, we can have the perspective of the Creator and send our thoughts and feelings to the healing and enhancement of all that we encounter. We can imagine positive transformation in negative situations and continue to feel gratitude in all experiences. By having only confidence in all our creative thoughts and feelings, the desires of our heart naturally manifest for us in ways that we do not need to imagine.

We can become the masters of our lives, able to create experiences that we love and cherish, because they are manifestations of our gratitude. We can be the transformers of humanity, as well as of ourselves. It happens naturally as a result of the polarity and level of vibration of our state of being, our mental and emotional energetic alignment. By our realization, we create the reality of our experiences.

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