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The Dancing Energy Patterns of Our Cosmic Environment

Thousands of years ago Socrates proposed that our world is an illusion, like a play projected onto a screen, with our recognition of the characters being merely the shadows of reality. Today we would call our world a hologram or a virtual reality experience. It is an illusion of sorts. Our experiences are real for us, but they are different from the empirical awareness we believe them to be.

From quantum mechanics we know that everything is patterns of electromagnetic energy constantly moving and interacting according to conscious direction. The world of our experience is constantly created by the consciousness of humanity, and our individual experience results from our own predominant thoughts and emotions. We are energy modulators with our perspectives and our creative abilities of mental and emotional alignments.

Our free will allows us to focus our attention on any patterns of energies that we choose. We are like TV tuners with an infinite number of stations. When we are awake, we are constantly paying attention to something. Each moment presents a choice. Portions of our experiences are like a virtual-reality experience, because we can’t influence what’s happening. It’s all pre-programmed. What’s important in these experiences is the level of vibrations and polarity that we maintain or react with. They direct the quality of our coming experiences during the portions of our lives that are free from karmic and pre-birth planning.

What, then, is real about our current lives on Earth? We can begin with our present awareness. Who is it in us that is aware? Are there things that we can’t be aware of, if we want to? If so, what limits our awareness? Is our reception too weak? The energetic patterns are available for us to pay attention to, and the signal strength (the amplitude of the wave patterns) is universal. It’s just up to us. We need to set our intention with our imagination and feelings and then pay attention always to the first impressions that arise for us as we journey toward our goal.

Besides our present awareness and its potential, what is real about our lives? It is our dance with the energetics. Because we have the ability to be mentally and emotionally selective, we can choose the polarity and vibratory level of the moment to align ourselves with, regardless of apparent circumstances. To accomplish this, we can remove our awareness from empirical engagement. With practice we can just be aware. This allows us to use the full power of our life force in any energetic interaction, and our intuition will guide us unerringly.

The empirical world may seem real to us, because we believe it is so, but our energetic experiences are what’s real. In the essence of our consciousness, we are able to be aware of all energetic patterns and interpret those in the spectrum of human experience as empirical. On a creative level, we can interact with the energies that will manifest as our experiences.

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