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The Challenge of Physical Death

When we believe and realize we are within a closed system, such as Newtonian physics or deductive logic, we can find proofs of what we know from within the system, but we cannot prove anything beyond it. So it is within the dualistic empirical world. We have created our senses to align our energy signature with its vibrations, and we believe and realize that this is our reality. From within the body, we cannot know what may lie beyond our senses, although we have created technology that operates with wave-lengths beyond our physical senses. Because these vibrations affect us, we can open ourselves to become emotionally-aware of them.

Because we recognize physical death and believe that it is real, we cannot prove from within the physical world, that we have life beyond time and space, although we have many accounts of witnesses of life beyond death. These give us the impression that we have life beyond the physical, but they do not prove it, because the experience is in a different plane or spectrum of consciousness.

For us to know our life beyond the body, we must open ourselves to a different kind of awareness. We can experience it in a way that is clear and real. It requires us to bring our personal state of being into transcending our limiting beliefs about ourselves and to feel ourselves living in the most wonderful conditions we can imagine. We can practice filling ourselves with gratitude and joy and love for everyone, as well as deep compassion for those who embrace darkness and attempt to prey upon us to sustain their life force.

If we want to transform our entire lives into what we truly love and can feel grateful for in every moment, we can intentionally engage with these life-enhancing energies. In order to know about life beyond the body, we must pay attention to our inner knowing and learn to trust it, because we are deeply connected with greatly-expanded consciousness. When we can understand everything through the consciousness of our heart, we can know the truth of our essence and the potential of our awareness. Our heart lives to enhance our lives. Our conscious life-force flows through the heart of our Being into our awareness to the extent that we allow with our limiting beliefs.

We are the directors of the limits of our awareness. At any time, we can change our direction by paying attention and aligning ourselves energetically with the life-enhancing energies of our heart. We can no longer identify with doubt or fear, because they keep our awareness locked into the dualistic world. They do not exist in the dimension of heart-consciousness. This is the dimension of love and abundance and intentional creation and expansion of all life. It brings greater stimulation and intensity of brightness and joy, as well as deep inner guidance and knowing beyond the body.

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Sep 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This was great and just what I needed today. Thank you, Ken

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