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The Magnificence of Quantum Healing

Any of us can be a quantum healer. It works as a result of our conscious intent. In our essence we participate in universal consciousness, and consciousness is in everything. This includes the sub-atomic entities comprising our physical bodies. All of our atoms exist in a quantum field of etheric energy. Their powerful spinning and spiraling is so fast that it becomes tangible for us. Every part of our bodies is conscious and is part of our consciousness in a quantum dimension. Because we share the same consciousness with everything, we can direct its energetic patterns with our intentional awareness.

Our clear intention immediately attracts energetic patterns that align or resonate with our own. Being a true healer of every physical defect requires complete alignment with the quantum radiance of our heart-consciousness. This allows us to know the natural energetic design of the human body and to align with its vibrations, as conveyed to us through the heart of our Being. By intentionally being aware of our heart-consciousness, and aligning with its life-enhancing energy, we hold in our awareness the true form of anyone in the etheric dimension.

By clearing ourselves with infinity breathing for a short time, we can direct our attention to the infinite joy and love flowing through us. This creates a powerful radiance of creative power that invites another person to align with its vibrations. If the person in need of healing can resonate with gratitude and joy, a quantum healing occurs, straightening out any defects, which are incompatible with life-enhancing energies and exist in a lower dimension, where there is energetic duality. Within our consciousness we can radiate quantum healing and life-enhancing energies directed toward everyone we choose to heal. We do this by aligning with our intuitive knowing.

By our clear heart-consciousness, we are the first cause of every condition we intend to create. We are the energy modulators through our etheric heart-alignment, creating the qualities of high-vibratory living in gratitude, compassion and love. Anyone who can feel life-enhancing energies and resonate with them can be healed. That includes all of us. The more closely we resonate with our heart-consciousness, the more radiant we become and can project quantum healing energy powerfully.

We can project our visionary healing through our eyes, our hands and our intention. Because we’re working with quantum energy, distance between a healer and a patient is meaningless, as is time. Quantum time is always now, and it is everywhere. Our effectiveness depends upon our ability to direct our consciousness through our focus, and to pay attention.

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