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Some Insights into Our Game of Life

We all like challenges that are fun to experience and that teach us new and interesting ways of being. This is how we’re designed to live, and we are living in these experiences whenever we realize their reality for us. It is a shift in consciousness from living with negativity to living in the consciousness of our heart in infinite love and compassion, with a perspective that enhances the vitality of everyone, including ourselves.

In order to have realistic experiences in a realm of duality, we have convinced ourselves that we are limited. We are playing a game of consciousness with ourselves, experiencing negativity as well as positivity. We could not live in a realm of complete negativity, because it would be self-destructive in every way. It would block out all of the conscious life force that is our essence. When we have satisfied ourselves that we’ve experienced enough of living within limitations, we can intentionally open our awareness beyond duality, by realizing our intuitive knowing and the emotions that make our lives wonderful.

If we want to free ourselves from the human hypnotic trance, and attract more heart-felt experiences, we can pay attention to the guidance that we feel in our essence, our innate Self. We deeply know and feel these energies, when we pay attention to them. Aligning with them transforms our life in every way. They arise in the consciousness of our Source and convey vitality, presence of awareness and infinite creative ability.

Each of us is a center of consciousness attracting all of the conscious subatomic entities that comprise our physical body and express the energies of our perspective and beliefs about our reality. It is all patterns of electromagnetic energies, as well as etheric energies that we modulate as they come into our awareness. Nothing appears in our experience until we recognize it. Appearance as material is an interaction of energies between us and what we recognize.

By intentionally opening ourselves to higher guidance, and being accepting of the greater life-enhancing energies that come into our awareness, we can receive the fullness of our infinite innate essence. This causes our perspective about human life to change and attracts experiences that resonate with our state of Being. Our participation in the game of human consciousness changes from entrancement to realization of our infinite awareness and creative ability. We become the true directors of our lives.

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