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Shifting beyond the Ego-Mind into the Unknown Void

In every moment we walk with the divine. We suffer because we have been socially programmed to suffer, and we do it because we haven’t realized that we’re doing it to ourselves by our beliefs about ourselves. Everything begins in our imagination and continues into our experience. If we choose to take the initiative with our intentions, we can transform our limiting beliefs. In our essence we are capable of extraordinary experiences. Although we are unlimited in our capabilities, we have not believed this. In order to master our lives, we must be able to believe in the reality of what we want to bring into our experience, and we cannot rely on our ego-mind for this. We must expand into our heart-consciousness.

To be attuned to our heart-mind, we must learn to use our realization differently from the way our ego-mind operates. In the heart-mind, there is no calculation or analysis, there is only instantaneous knowing. It is beyond even using both hemispheres of our brain. By activating our full cerebrum, we can bring our ego-mind to open to our heart-consciousness by intentionally using our imagination to bring us into a state of gratitude for everything. We can open ourselves in confidence to recognizing our guidance, which is always life-enhancing and absolute.

All vibratory levels arise within our awareness and imagination. Once we can feel the vibrations of our heart’s intuition, we can shift beyond fear, intimidation and stress. We can realize that we are the creators of our personal experiences and of our world, as part of our species consciousness. Realize it or not, we control our personal vibrations, which attract our experiences. Our vibratory limits are set by our perspective, our beliefs, and how we feel about ourselves.

We can realize that any vibrations created with negativity are self-destructive. They block the radiance of our heart and limit our conscious life-force. In order to expand our awareness, we must change how we use our power of intentional attention. We must direct our awareness to energies that are life-enhancing, with the intention of being aware of the divine life-force in every encounter. This is the transformative power that elevates our lives and our relationships. Our personal dramas disappear. Replacing them is personal fulfillment of all needs. We can enter the realization of infinite consciousness and the awareness of all other awarenesses.

With our ability to feel and read the qualities of energies facing us, we can accept it all in gratitude and joy, for we have at some level wanted to experience everything, and so we created their energetic patterns. They are illustrating for us our creative power, even when it’s unintentional, just by our habits of mental and emotional processes. By recognizing our inner guidance and aligning our vibratory level with its energetic expressions, we can shift into greater awareness of our connection with infinite consciousness.

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