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Self-Transcendence of Ego-Consciousness

Today there is significant research being conducted on behalf of people who are psychically severely impaired. They’re not criminals, but society cannot deal with them. The research has been very useful in helping the patients to remember their greater Self. The medicine being used is peyote, psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca. Their experiences with these medicines is carefully monitored and recorded. What happens? Their current understanding of themselves fades away as their awareness expands greatly and they have freedom to focus on whatever they are attracted to. For many, this is a novel experience, because they have felt under the control of other forces in their normal lives. They find an inner voice or feeling that they recognize as truth. They feel really good, many for the first time.

They don’t usually remember these experiences, but there is a subconscious effect that eventually dissolves the old programming of self-limitation. The point of all of this is to cure a social problem, but it has much wider implications. Medicines are just crutches for our greater consciousness to get our ego-consciousness to use in order to believe in a natural psychic process. We are able to have the same experiences by aligning with the same energies that the medicines emit.

Through deep meditation, it is possible to do this. We can take this path by learning deep, rhythmic breathing exercises (like Tantric breathing and some kinds of yoga breathing). We can also use other techniques of resolving mental and emotional interference in our clarity and serenity. Traditionally these techniques require much practice for many years in training the ego-consciousness to believe in a greater reality. Medicines provide an accelerated path and may provide an eventual complete transformation, but if we can change our beliefs about ourselves intentionally, we can achieve a permanent transformation. Beginning with breathing and moving into serenity without inner interference in the focus of our attention, we can pay attention to the vibrations on the line between waking and sleeping. This is a completely relaxed state of pure presence of awareness.

In this state we are free from our normal human consciousness and our physical body sensations. We have transcended our limitations of ego-consciousness. We are in a sort of lucid dream of infinite Being. This is a completely different kind of realm and takes some getting acquainted with. Essentially we are exploring our own consciousness without limits. It is here that we can develop an unconditional relationship with our inner knowing.

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