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Rising into Our Magnificence

As humans, we have been blind to our true essence. We share the belief that we are our ego-consciousness and our body. From within the limitations of ego-consciousness, which we have imposed upon ourselves, we cannot expand our awareness to the greater consciousness that we participate in. This greater consciousness is inviting us into awareness of it. In our essence we are fractals of infinite consciousness. We encompass the cosmos within our true Being.

Infinite consciousness conveys feelings and stimulations beyond our current experience. When we open our awareness to them, we can realize that our human reality is an expression of a much greater Being of infinite consciousness. Out of this consciousness we arise as personal expressions. Our Being is the Source of all conscious life everywhere, and we are the creators of everything we experience.

For eons humans have lived within the limitations of empirical duality, not realizing that this is all imagined within our consciousness. Without our conscious life force, which we convey through our energetic alignment in our awareness, it could not exist. The reality of the world that we have experienced depends upon our recognition and energetic alignment. It all takes place in our imagination, and we can change the quality of it with our intentions. We are imagining the world of human experience. It consists of patterns of electromagnetic waves that we perceive in our subconscious awareness as the empirical world. We have inherited this and learned it from one another.

Because we have believed that we can be intimidated and terminated, we could not believe in infinite awareness. If we desire to realize our greater Self, we are guided from within, transcending our limiting beliefs. We can realize that every thought and feeling is important, because it reflects back to us in our experience. We have made ourselves as we are, and we can transform our current state of being in alignment with our higher guidance.

Our inner guidance is what we know and feel in our essence, which is universal consciousness. It has the vibratory quality of the enhancement of life, including the greatest love, joy and abundance. The human ego cannot imagine this as our reality, but the ego-consciousness can be transcended by gratitude with inner knowing and feeling. We are coming into realization of our eternal, infinite presence of awareness, with the ability to create whatever we desire.

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