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Returning from Our Sojourn into Duality

We love to celebrate in joy and feel ecstatic. Although we are created to live in these vibrations, we have kept ourselves from realizing our natural state of being. One way of opening our awareness and realization to our true essence and capabilities is to practice being aware of our heart-consciousness, represented by our physical heart. It has intelligence and mental abilities beyond the mental brain and has the most powerful energetic expression of any of our organs, far more powerful than the brain-mind. Our heart-mind is our connection with universal consciousness. The heart-mind does not think. It just knows everything, and it can convey insight and guidance through our intuition.

Being able to escape from the lower astral world’s very negative, life-diminishing energies, we must be able to pay attention to the energies we want, in order to be fulfilled in every way. Depression and loss of hope can have no place in our lives, when we give them no attention or alignment. This is a conscious decision, and our life experiences depend upon what we pay attention to and believe is real. We are the directors of our lives, and we can take charge in any moment that we can trust ourselves implicitly. Without trust, we have doubt, which kills any chance of creative manifestation. Trust comes when we can know and align with our heart-consciousness in every moment.

Without our life-force and attention, negativity cannot exist in our experience. We enable it to be present for us by giving it our energetic resonance and alignment. Once we withdraw our attention and instead focus on the qualities that we love, our entire presence lights up with greater radiance and creative ability. Except for our doubt, nothing can keep us from manifesting everything we want. We are here to be the creators of everything we know, and we constantly modulate the energies in our experience by our attention and recognition.

Through recognition and alignment with our innermost Being, we can realize our true Self. We are infinite in every way beyond time/space, and we are expressing ourselves as actors in the empirical, dualistic world of humanity, in which we have limited our consciousness. We have the choice of unlocking our conscious awareness from limiting beliefs about ourselves. It begins with intention to know the truth about who we are and the nature of our consciousness. We must look beyond our limited ego-consciousness to the heart of our Being. This is a real presence of awareness that is not physical and that resonates with the vibrations of our heart-consciousness. It is our place of knowing and feeling our grateful, loving and ecstatic essence, and it is the transcendent realization of personal transformation.

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