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Resonating with Heart-Consciousness

In our own awareness we can choose to receive everyone in the most loving and joyful ways. In our perspective we can encourage everyone to pursue their own interests and passions in heartfelt ways. Ego-centric interests are self-limiting and are now being dissolved, along with the entire realm of duality. It is all fading into its own dimension, apart from heart-consciousness.

Awareness of heart-consciousness can result from subconscious prompts at critical times, opening our awareness to greater insight and wisdom. We have always had this awareness, but our ego-consciousness has hidden it from us by doubting it could be real. Doubt must be resolved through recognizing its energy patterns, its polarity and emotional basis. When we can feel the nature of doubt, we can understand its basis. It is based on an imaginary state of affairs that we have created with our thoughts and feelings. It has no reality of its own. It is strictly an expression of our imagination, based on the fear that we can be inadequate in ourselves. It is based on the belief that we may not be eternal in our personal awareness.

This belief is purely a personal choice, which we can change at any moment. Is the requirement that we live in doubt and fear anything but hearsay? How can we know what we do not know? Knowing requires an intentional choice to open our awareness to our heart-consciousness. We can ask our subconscious to help us in transcending ego-consciousness by aligning with energies that we love and are grateful for.

In the radiance of our eyes, we express our heart-consciousness, and we feel it as inner joy and warmth. When we choose to live in constant awareness of our heart-consciousness, beyond the limitations of the ego, we can realize that we are in a dimension of love, compassion and joy, which we share with everyone else who is in the same vibratory resonance. We can recognize each other in our eyes, and we can feel each other in our heart. This is a dimension that we enter and experience fully, when we realize its reality. It requires us to open our awareness to it and align with its vibrations. We can search universal consciousness for the vibrations that we want just by desiring them, and we will be aware of them.

Our awareness provides the conscious life force that results in the expression of our energetic patterns into our experience. When we are filled with joy, we create joyful experiences for ourselves and everyone in our energetic aura, and we expand the consciousness of humanity, along with our own. When we can be clear in our awareness and transcendent in our presence, we transform ourselves and the energetic expression of all of humanity. We all have the same essence of consciousness, enlivened and filled with the light of the Creator and destined to attain clear Self-Realization.

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