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Resolving the Enclosures of our Consciousness

We have practiced many ways of being that keep us enslaved to negativity. Judging and condemning others for being evil keeps us aligned with their energy. Having a perspective that elevates our ego-consciousness above others in any way keeps us from knowing the energy of our heart. Anything that separates us from others in our feelings and thoughts keeps us from understanding our true essence. We are unique individuals living in a life-stream of consciousness that contains all of us and gives us free choice of how we want to experience an infinite potential of personal expressions.

In order to experience our potential, we can open ourselves to realization of how we create our lives. We live in our consciousness, and consciousness is the source of everything. We experience only the qualities of life that we create in our realization of what we make real in cooperation with all other beings in our awareness. In directing our attention, we can learn to be open and receptive to inner knowing of our participation in the consciousness of everyone whom we would otherwise judge as undesirable. We are all expressions of the unconditional love of our Creator, from whom we constantly receive our vitality and life essence.

Our apparently solid physical incarnation has misled us into believing that we are separate entities from one another. This has been necessary for the kinds of experiences that have been available for us in the empirical world of duality, but if we persist in this belief, we will be unable to realize the truth of our essence. Our challenge is determining the nature of our world and being able to experience life beyond the physical.

Physicists have designed and executed experiments showing that everything begins with consciousness. Consciousness expresses itself as patterns of electromagnetic waves in multifarious ways that conscious beings can recognize and make real in their own awareness. This is how we create the empirical world. It consists of spinning foci of energy that seem to be material, and that we perceive with our senses. It is all an expression of consciousness, which we participate in.

How we interact with others is our choice and our personal drama. Because there is only one unified consciousness in this cosmos, we are all part of our Creator and are capable of intentionally living in the expression of Creator consciousness in all of our encounters and life expressions. In order to realize this, we can intentionally resolve our beliefs in our personal limitations. Nothing else encloses us within the expression of human consciousness.

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