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Removing Fear from Our Lives

In our expanded Self, we do not know fear. It is an unknown vibration. We do not know doubt, depression or suffering or any other negative state of being. In order to know these vibrations, we created a realistic realm of consciousness limitations, and we convinced ourselves that we are empirically mortal. Realizing mortality is the basis of the human belief in self-limitation. Part of this belief in mortality is the belief that we are our empirical bodies. These beliefs do not allow us to realize our essence beyond time/space.

Living with us, there have always been spiritual masters and shamans, who are aware in realms beyond the physical world. Our ego-consciousness is not especially interested in those realms. It is entranced in the material world of duality. We’ve been able to expose ourselves to the results of negative thoughts and feelings, and now we know more than we did prior to our incarnation. By transcending ego-consciousness, we can open our awareness to our true essence of being. We can realize ourselves in our eternal presence of infinite awareness, able to express ourselves energetically as anyone we desire to be in any dimension. We can open our awareness to the awareness of all conscious beings. In our essence we are empathic, telepathic and much more. Our consciousness is infinite, and we arise as fractals of universal consciousness, able to create qualities of experiences in all realms.

This awareness allows us to live here among our brothers and sisters of all humanity, creating and enhancing everything that we love and every experience in alignment with our heart. We now know what negative energy feels like, and we can return to our expanded Self-Realization by filling our awareness with gratitude, infinite love, compassion and joy. In this way we transform our lives with our unlimited Self-Realization, which now includes knowing fear. We can release fear by aligning our attention with the inspiration of our heart in every moment.

By knowing the consciousness of our heart and aligning with it intuitively, we can change the experience of our reality. We have an inner knowing that is natural for us and that connects us with universal consciousness. It is infinite and all-knowing of everything that everyone has ever known. It is beyond polarity and is entirely life-enhancing in the way we describe as unconditional love, and it is much deeper than any description we can provide. When we can realize its reality, it is present for us always, making all of our limiting beliefs unbelievable.

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