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Releasing the Source of Our Limitations

Whenever we feel anxiety approaching, we can intentionally pay attention to our high-frequency inner sound current. If the sound originates in the heart of our Being, it is always present, as is our intuition. It wants our attention. Our inner sound stabilizes us emotionally, allowing us to minimize the impact of negativity that we may confront. We can feel the negativity, but we can maintain our alignment with the unconditional love radiating through our intuition.

We can begin by imagining and feeling greater and greater positivity. By using our intentional will-power, we can maintain a focus on our inner sound current and our intuitive knowing and feeling. This is training for our ego-consciousness to obey our encouraging directive to pay attention to our inner promptings, as well as the symbolism of the experiences in our daily lives. These are portions of our inner guidance from higher consciousness. Once we commit ourselves to full awareness of our eternal, infinite Self, we enable our awareness to expand into greater positivity in deeper compassion, love and gratitude.

By practicing being positive always, we can learn to be absolutely confident in our state of Being. In this perspective, only positivity can affect us, because we’re in alignment with positive polarity, unless we align ourselves with negativity by resisting or embracing it. In either case we would align with anger and fear. When we are vibrating at the frequency of love and compassion, we cannot be challenged by negativity.

If we can transcend our rational, empirical, dualistic beliefs about ourselves, we can enter a different dimension of consciousness, where only positivity exists. Here we can have complete confidence in our creative ability, ensuring that we have transcended self-sabotage of our intentions. We can achieve this perspective by repetitively examining, resolving and training our subconscious, until we are clear throughout our conscious awareness.

All forward progress depends upon resolving our personal limitations, which are reflected in our experiences, and which have an emotional presence. We can release our attachment to all energetic patterns based in fear. These exist only because of our attachment to them and have no other source of expression. Without limitations lurking in the background of our awareness, we are free to expand as far out as we desire toward our infinite awareness and unlimited creative power beyond time and space, as well as within the empirical world.

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