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Releasing Our Parasitic Controllers

As our psychopathic controllers work to make things as unbearable as possible for us before they cannot bear to be here any longer, humanity is suffering in the present moment. For this we can have deep compassion and be moved to create experiences of abundance and freedom. The outer world does not have to affect our own vibratory level. By staying at the level of gratitude and compassion, we can envision and emotionally participate in imagining the experiences we want to create. Creation results from our energetic alignment. When we are aligned with the intuition of our heart, we are creating life-enhancing experiences.

Prompted by our intuition, we can adjust our imaginary energetic alignment to positive, high vibrations of gratitude, love, compassion and joy. By maintaining this perspective in every encounter, we help to destabilize negativity and enhance positivity, which is the inherent energetic structure of everything in the higher dimensions. If we do not engage with negativity in resonance or resistance, we do not create it. It receives no life force from us, weakening its existence. It is artificial, created by humanity. It is just a distraction from the creative focus of attention that our inner journey to mastery requires.

This means that we need quiet time to meditate and listen within. We need to be grounded to the Earth and receptive to the Sun, the brightest and most radiantly powerful Being in our experience. In natural environments, we can align with the feelings of all the plants, animals and rocks. They are all conscious beings expressing themselves as they are. Their vibrations are naturally in alignment with the energy of the Spirit of the Earth. It is from a place of serenity that we can most easily expand our awareness into a higher vibratory dimension of living, and we can learn to maintain this level of present attention.

For a while, we may encounter great challenges to a perspective of gratitude and compassion. We can remember that we cannot be harmed in any way without our consent at some level. This kind of consent depends upon our having a victim attitude. Again, it’s a matter of energetics. If we engage negativity in any way, we are creating it. By staying in high vibrations, we do not align with negativity or allow it to have access to our life force. When we achieve a perspective of only positive, we no longer create negative encounters.

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