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Recognizing, Resolving and Releasing Our Limiting Attachments

We are the masters of our beliefs. We have accepted and created them to define our reality. They limit our awareness, so that we cannot know who we really are in our essence. Beyond the negativity and fear of ego-consciousness, we can be free and sovereign and able to live in love, joy and abundance. For this we must realize our infinite conscious essence in the heart of our Being, our eternal presence of awareness. This is where we can realize that everything we have regarded as empirically real is an energetic expression of consciousness, arising within the essence of infinite Creator Consciousness, of which we are fractals, with infinite creative power and ability. This power has been denied to us, because we could not trust ourselves apart from the energy of our heart.

By observing how we feel about ourselves in any moment, we can be aware of any limitation that keeps us from realizing our infinite essence. Upon recognizing a limiting belief, we can trace it to its source, find the fear that it is based on and resolve it in forgiveness and gratitude for the experience granted to us. We are thoroughly schooled in what all frequencies of negative vibrations feel like.

Doubt and fear are the opposite of creative energy. They are diminishing and destructive to life, making us feel small and insignificant. As long as we hold onto them and their resonating energy patterns, we allow them to limit us to beliefs that are not true about us. They only define the roles that we are playing. Without limiting beliefs, we have no ego-consciousness. We have only our infinitely powerful and creative Self-Realization of Being.

From unlimited awareness, we can realize the essence of the empirical world and its purpose of giving us intense experiences of energetic patterns that we had not experienced in unlimited awareness, because negativity can exist only in a limited dimension. Within this dimension it has a limited existence, because it is self-destructive and must terminate. Humanity is at this end point. The world of duality, controlled by negativity, is terminating, dissolving governments, institutions, the monetary system and society as we have known it. The new world, that we have been aligning with in the energy of our heart, is rising in our awareness to replace the dissolving matrix of negative control

In alignment with the energy of our heart, we can realize the tremendous opportunity that we have in creating an entire new world of human experience. If we can be aware of the radiance of the Earth, by spending time in inspiring natural places, we become aware of the rising vitality of our planet, especially exemplified in the radiance of old trees. Once we know what this feels like, we can always recall it whenever we desire and wherever we are. This can help us stabilize our thoughts and emotions in alignment with our heart. The more we do this, the more unlimited we become, as we release our fears and enter the world of beauty, joy, freedom and abundance, guided by our intuitive knowing.

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