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Recognizing and Expressing Our Essence

Suppose someone criticizes us. Do we feel threatened, even if they’re correct, or are we aware of the first impression that arises deep within our own inner knowing, before the ego mind can try to direct us? Ego consciousness is based on fear of the unknown, with the anticipation of ultimate demise. This is a life-diminishing condition and is what the ego mind recognizes and creates with its energetic alignment.


 Instant knowing and deep feeling is our higher guidance. It requires only our attention and vibratory alignment, as we find it in the heart of our Being. Inner knowing, or deep intuition, has no limits and is infinite in consciousness. It guides us in every moment to hold ourselves in a perspective of gratitude, love and joy. At this level of vibration, we create the kinds of experiences we love and want to participate in.


Since everything is energy, and it is all within our consciousness, nothing exists outside of our consciousness. It is all a result of our attention and energetic alignment with wave patterns and entities that we attract with our desire. By recognizing them and realizing their reality, we draw them into our experience. By intentionally living in awareness of our inner knowing, we can be in alignment with the consciousness that creates everything.


This creates a transformation beyond the ego-mind, which becomes an interested observer and helpful colleague in playing and directing our human roles. We are designed to enjoy life. It is what we all want, but its reality in not a goal, it is a continuous journey. Nature provides abundant experiences of enjoyment, as do our deepest inner impressions. Only we, in our own limiting belief system can keep us from joyful, heart-felt living.


As fractals of infinite consciousness, we have access to the entire cosmos, down to the smallest sub-atomic entities. We are all fractals, expressing our individual uniqueness, but sharing our essence of awareness, as much as we allow ourselves. Through our recognition and energetic alignment, every scenario in our experience comes into being for us. When we have this understanding, every moment provides an opportunity to experience and to create joy, regardless of any other apparent experiences or encounters.


Our infinitely-powerful creative ability waits for us to realize our essence beyond spacetime through the energy of our heart. By aligning with unconditional acceptance and infinite love, we are guided from within to participate in a realm that we are always thankful for, and it becomes our reality.

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