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Realizing Universal Consciousness

We exist within the consciousness of the Creator. In our greater Being, we can realize universal consciousness. We are individualized expressions, fractals, of the Creator, having free will to choose what to do with our awareness in every moment. Whatever we want, we can feel and imagine. Our consciousness is not bound by any constraints, except those that we place upon ourselves. We have created our ego consciousness to experience duality for our greater awareness, but we are not required to limit ourselves to this dimension of energetics.

Another dimension beyond duality awaits our recognition and participation. It is a realm that feels natural and good to us. There is only life-enhancing energy in everyone at this level of vibration. When we are able to realize this is our situation right now, we transform our lives. Everything changes moment-to-moment, as we focus our polarity and vibratory resonance.

We are the One. We are the consciousness of the ocean. We are the consciousness of the Spirit of the Earth. We are the consciousness of all living beings. We can learn to feel how they feel. All of this comes through our intuition, when we seek it and are open to knowing it. It works through our imagination and emotions.

We can feel this connection through the conscious life force that flows to us through our heart. We call it unconditional love, and it is our true unlimited awareness. Our awareness also holds our creative ability, which we constantly express in our state of being. It is essentially how we feel about ourselves in every moment. This is always our personal choice. If we have difficulty with this, we can carefully examine our limiting belief and resolve it through compassion and intuitive knowing.

If, for any reason, we feel negative about ourselves, we can change this at any time by intentionally choosing to be positive and to enter the state of gratitude and life-enhancing energies. No one requires us to feel negative about ourselves, regardless of what kind of energies we have aligned ourselves with. When we decide to open ourselves to the vibrations of our heart and to feel our essence within the consciousness of infinite Being, we can begin to be masters of our life in any dimension.

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