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Realizing the Truth of Who We Are

Although we are expressing ourselves as humans, our essence is much more expansive and powerful. Awareness of our real Self can come about by focusing on the angelic presence of everyone in our awareness. We are alive only by the consciousness of our heart, all of us, even the dark ones. When we choose to be aware of that presence in everyone, we can realize our deepest connection with infinite consciousness. We can transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves and realize our essence beyond words and concepts and beyond time and space. In this dimension there is no fear, only mastery of everything.

By paying attention to the presence of our greatest love, first in our imagination and then in our recognition, we can align ourselves with its vibratory resonance, and we can melt our awareness into its presence. Without any input from ego-consciousness, we can become pure awareness, and the consciousness of our heart expresses the essence of the Source of our conscious life-force in its unlimited delivery. We can realize our non-localized presence of awareness without limits.

As we focus our attention on what we want to create, and we hold ourselves in gratitude, love and joy, we can transform our experiences into miraculous expressions. We can become aware of our participation in the consciousness that creates everything, and of our awareness of this consciousness in everyone and everything. Although we have disguised ourselves as humans, each of us is an individual expression of the One Consciousness in all of its fullness. This is what we are being prompted to awaken to.

There are many forms and energies that we can feel good about. It does not matter what they are, as long as we feel aligned with our heart-consciousness, when we focus on them. The original division of consciousness is male and female in balance with each other. Most of our languages recognize gender in everything and everyone in subtle and overt form. The energetic conjunction of male and female in resonance is an ecstatic experience that we can learn to balance in all areas of life.

When we are aware of our essence, we are complete in ourselves and can experience whatever we desire. We can be in fulfilling relationships with our soul mates and having wonderful experiences with them. We can feel each other’s presence strongly, even at great distances, because our shared essence is beyond time and space.

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