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Realizing the Truth of Our Being

We are enveloped in the energetics of abundance, freedom and joy, but most of us have chosen not to realize this. It hasn’t been a conscious choice, because we have been extensively programmed to keep this realization out of reach; nevertheless, the dimension of fulfillment is always available to us. It is in our lives now whenever we can realize it. It is the destiny of humanity to ascend into realizing unconditional love and beauty within and all around. Those of us who know this have the task of maintaining this level of consciousness while interacting with others.

By our radiance we are shifting the consciousness of humanity into positive, high vibrations of gratitude, compassion, appreciation and deep understanding. We have learned that our primary task is shifting our own awareness into positivity in every moment and being open to our intuitive knowing. Once we achieve a higher state of consciousness, we radiate this into the consciousness of humanity, and it reaches everyone to the extent that they are open to it.

As more of us realize our eternal, infinite Self, it becomes easier for everyone else to become aware of their true Being. We are being carried in this direction by our natural environment and the elevating energetics that are being directed toward us. It is becoming easier to live in gratitude and joy, while it is becoming more difficult to live in fear and greed. The light is growing stronger, and we can realize it within. When we do this, it elevates the energies around us and in everyone we interact with.

It is becoming apparent that the most powerful force in existence is the unconditional love of our Creator. It is so powerful that it destabilizes negative energy and negatively-oriented beings, and ultimately demolecularizes all manifestations of negativity. Their energy returns to the Source of all for transformation. This is the energy that is drawing us into alignment with the intuitive energy flowing to us through the heart of our Being. It enables us to transmit the radiance of our alignment with truth and unlimited Being.

Whether we realize it or not, we are the creators of the quality of our personal lives, and our transformation must come from within ourselves. Being able to realize our true essence as infinitely powerful creators in unconditional love, allows us to transform the consciousness of all who are open to it. We can begin to know one another as great Beings of Light, while we go about our daily lives, following our intuitive knowing and always being attracted to more light and more perfect alignment with the guidance flowing through our intuition.

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