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Realizing the Transcendent Truth of Our Being

We have had the perspective that staying alive here is a constant struggle, interspersed with some good times. Do we have the ability to change ourselves enough to transform our experiences into the life we really want, beyond any negativity? Some people have special abilities that their consciousness can control, such as telepathy, empathy, clairsentience and many others. These give us glimpses beyond the empirical, and they are all part of the same consciousness that we participate in. If we haven’t realized that we have them, we have blocked our awareness of them in order to have our own unique experience, because of something that we wanted to learn. Ultimately, spiritual learning leads us to the realization of who we are as fractals of universal consciousness.

Many spiritual masters have shown us the way to true knowing and Self-Realization. When we choose to pay attention to it, the way becomes clear for us, and it is unique to each of us. When we begin to recognize it, we can feel the warmth of attraction. We also have more advanced beings in our presence, but in higher dimensions, advising and helping us to achieve what we want. When we ask and are open to receiving their guidance, it comes immediately through our intuition. We also have our own intuitive knowing from our greater Self, which we can become aware of, when we open ourselves to it.

One aspect of our being that is the same for everyone is the realization of our intuitive knowing. By aligning with our intuition, we can resolve and transcend our limitations and come into realization of our infinite Self. Once we choose the path to greater awareness, we can begin to realize that this is our reality. Our intuition can guide us to the realization of unconditional love inherent in our Being and the life force that we share with all conscious beings, giving us the same essence of life.

As fractals of universal consciousness, we have an infinite ability to create, and we do it all the time, just by our vibratory level. Whatever mental and emotional quality we vibrate at is the quality of experience that we are creating. Universal consciousness envelops us, and we have access to as much of it as we allow. By living in positivity and high vibrations, we naturally attract energetic patterns that align with us. Our presence of awareness can be unlimited, as well as our creative ability. This happens when we can align with its vibrations. In expanding awareness, recognition and realization of our infinite Self can become our reality.

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