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Realizing the Mystery of Life

All of our higher internal energy centers are designed to expand our conscious awareness into full Self-Realization. This process begins in the heart. Our heart-consciousness is the most powerful in our essence and in our bodies. By realizing what our heart-consciousness is, we can align with it, and in doing so, we open our awareness to our higher energy centers that expand our awareness beyond time/space. Their vibrations guide us, as we open ourselves to infinite consciousness. This is our home and is where we are completely fulfilled and cared-for. It is all within our consciousness, and we can access it. In this state of Being, we can express ourselves as our human persons, knowing everything we need to know to be able constantly to express ourselves in ways that enhance life all around us.

This is our new world. We are living in it, whenever we can align ourselves with our heart-consciousness and realize how it feels and what it conveys to us. At this positive vibratory quality, we are beyond negativity and do not experience it. We experience the energy that we resonate with in our mental and emotional processes. In our expanded awareness, we transcend our ego-consciousness. Since ego is based in fear, it does not exist in the realm of love and joy. In this energetic dimension, we are our expanded Selves, realizing the infinite creative love flowing into us in every moment and empowering us in every way that we desire.

In the world we have been living in, our awareness has been severely confined by fear, anger and doubt. All of our institutions are based in these energies, which cannot be in resonance with the new world. This means that we must restructure everything in resonance with heart-consciousness. Our government must truly serve the good of all, and all of our social structures must enhance our lives, so that all of us can continue to expand our conscious awareness in gratitude, love and joy.

In order for the new world to become dominant for us, we need a significant number who already live in the realm of heart-consciousness. This is a powerful force that is dissolving the world we have lived in. This is why we have so much instability and chaos everywhere. The negative energies that have governed our societies are now being revealed for what they are, and we are ready to let them go into another dimension.

We are being invited to realize the new world of love and joy by aligning with our heart-consciousness. This is the energy of our deepest Being, beyond any limiting beliefs about ourselves. It is our inspiration and source of everything. It is so obvious that we’ve been blind to it. It is the energy that we live in and that gives us life. It is like air for terrestrial creatures and water for marine species. It is our complete environment within and all around beyond time/space. In our deepest Being we know what it is. We just need to open our awareness to it.

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...and NOW it’s time to INTEND & DECLARE NEW EARTH💙

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
Apr 22, 2023
Replying to

With a big boost from Pluto conjunct Saturn sextile the Solar eclipse, symbolized by the explosion of the world's most powerful rocket and the abrupt transformation of the entire group of world-wide operatives, who had carried out the directives of the negative elite.

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