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Realizing the Metaphor of Our Lives

In our multidimensional nature, we share the essence of our Being with all conscious beings everywhere. All are equally important and essential in the entirety of universal consciousness. All are fractals of some aspect of Creator Consciousness. We are the Self-aware ones. We create the quality of our presence of awareness with our feelings, thoughts and imagination, limited only by our beliefs about ourselves. We have the ability to align our vibrations with any others that we pay attention to. We can elevate what is in our purview by intentionally imagining that the essence of everything is unconditional love and enhancement of Being. When we are able to realize divine reality, this is what is manifesting in every experience.

To the extent that something else is manifesting in our experience, it is because we have negative beliefs about ourselves. When we confront them with acceptance and gratitude for keeping us in our bodies, we can release them. In the spectrum of gratitude and joy, limiting beliefs are no longer believable. While paying attention and resonating with our intuitive guidance, we no longer have limitations, unless we want them. We must always create them in order to have them.

Our entire lives are metaphors of living experiences. Everything has a higher meaning. Through our intuitive knowing, we can recognize what it is. When we want to know this, our understanding grows with our openness and clarity. As with everything, our awareness is as great as we allow it. We are the ones who can have the choices we make and experience the results. We control the energetic spectrum of our experiences with the polarity and vibratory level of our thoughts and emotions. These are areas where our intuition is valuable for our guidance.

Guidance by ego-consciousness operates only within the energetic spectrum of our limiting beliefs. Since the ego has awareness only of its limited self-recognition and imagination, it does not know what higher meaning is. In order to realize expanded meaning in life, we must transcend ego-consciousness and limiting beliefs about ourselves, and then the metaphor appears in our realization.

In our human lives, we are learning how to be and how to use our creative abilities in life-enhancing ways. We’re learning to trust ourselves to be the expressions of our true Selves and to live in the spectrum of love and compassion, without fear or doubt. Fear and doubt are our vision killers, and we can transform them into gratitude and joy. When we live in positivity, we experience a world of richness and wonders that we cannot imagine in ego-consciousness.

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