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Realizing the Light Within

Part of our essence is our ability to imagine beyond the realm of materiality. We are free to pay attention to realms beyond time and space as well as the life processes in the cells of our bodies. We can open our awareness as far as we allow ourselves. Outside of ourselves, there are no limits. How open we are is our personal choice, along with the programming in our subconscious. We must gain a cooperative alignment with our subconscious awareness. There is a vibratory alignment that opens our awareness in this way. It is when the ego-consciousness is inactive during sleep, daydreaming or meditation.

We can train ourselves to calm our ego by knowing that we are completely fulfilled in every way all the time. This knowing is our choice. It can happen by directing our imagination toward scenarios that we love and are grateful for. In every moment there is an energetic balance of light and dark. We recognize the quality that we choose. Whichever one we pay attention to becomes real for us. Because we believe in its reality, we experience it as our reality. This all happens within our own consciousness.

If we change our polarity, so that we recognize the dark aspect of a scenario, that’s what becomes real for us. When we learn to direct our attention to the vibratory quality that we love, that’s what becomes real for us, unless we don’t believe it. Our limiting beliefs about ourselves are held deeply in our subconscious. Through deep meditation, we can realize their origins, and we can resolve them. In this way we can transcend our limitations intentionally, expanding and intensifying our awareness in a wonderful way.

We can choose to live in a state of gratitude and joy, while imagining and seeing the light in every conscious being. When we can believe in it and know this as reality, we transform our lives into an experiential realm of beauty and soulful love and joy. This realm can exist in our present experience. If we hold doubt about its reality, we direct our attention to the realm of fear. This diminishes our life and disempowers our visions, even though it exists only in our own consciousness.

As fractals of universal consciousness, we create experiences with our imagination and emotions, and we can also transform our lives. In our essence we are unlimited in conscious awareness. Because we have limited ourselves, we are the ones who must transcend our conscious limitations by intentional recognition and realization of the energetic patterns that become our experiences. The radiance of our vibratory presence is an expression of our beliefs and realizations. By holding our attention on the light of infinite love within our heart-consciousness, we receive inspiration in aligning with life-enhancing vibrations that become the qualities of our experiences.

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