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Realizing the Essence of our Consciousness

We are approaching a time of realizing the essence of our consciousness. On the way of clearing ourselves of all fear and doubt, we can pay attention to a realm that transcends our human awareness. We may have to stretch our imagination until we can recognize our greater awareness. It arises from the consciousness of our heart, which is our connection with the Infinite Source of our life. Every part of our physical presence is filled with vitality, as much as we subconsciously allow, because of unresolved fixations, which need recognition and acceptance. By examining the kinds of energies that usually come into our awareness, we can realize our vibratory signature. Its polarity and frequency constitute our perspective and state of being. These are expressions of the quality of energy we radiate through the thoughts and emotions in our attention. We can be aware of these things, while also being aware of the consciousness in the heart of our Being. We can recognize this by desiring to open ourselves to unconditional love, compassion and life-enhancing energies residing in our heart and higher energy centers.

Within the energetic spectrum of the consciousness of the heart, we can realize our timeless presence of awareness with limitless creative ability. In this state of Being, we can align ourselves with its energetic patterns, knowing and feeling our creative power and using it intentionally for greater and brighter life all around, including our own. By opening our awareness beyond the world of good and evil, through our desire, we can pay attention to what feels really good within. This is the intuitive radiance of our heart and our inner guidance to transformation. We all have the ability to open our awareness to a higher dimension of life. We can align ourselves with the feelings of acceptance, unconditional love, gratitude and compassion. Continuing in this state of being creates a kind of leap in consciousness where everything is different. It stimulates unknown fear in ego-consciousness, and everything happens telepathically in our interactions with universal consciousness.

We have the option to create whatever life we desire. Nothing can stop us from realizing this, and once we do, we are no longer subject to fear, unless we want it and identify with it. Then we give it our life-force through our attention. Realizing what is happening on a very deep level, we can turn our attention to the scenarios we love and want to live in. Without fear or doubt, our intentions become the energetic qualities of our experiences. Filling ourselves with gratitude, love and compassion, we can regain our limitless abilities as fractals of the consciousness of the Infinite One. In resonance with our inner guidance, we can have as much awareness as we desire within the entirety of infinite consciousness.

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