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Realizing the Essence of Our Consciousness

When we finally open our realization to our real identity, we can dramatically change our lives. Having our awareness confined to the hypnotic trance of humanity upon incarnation, we are involved in a process of Self-discovery. When witnessed from within, the dualistic empirical trance is very convincing and attention-consuming. If we are to expand our awareness beyond this trance, we must look within our own consciousness for greater realization.

Since infancy, we have been programmed by our society to adopt beliefs about ourselves that are severely limiting, making us create our own victimization, poverty and loneliness. None of this happens outside of our own consciousness. As a result of our beliefs, which control our mental and emotional processes, we are completely self-responsible for everything we experience. We have been our own enslavers.

As we proceed along the path of expanding our awareness, we can increasingly be present without ego-involvement. With all of its unfulfilled needs, the ego is the expression of our limiting beliefs. If we are to release its hold on our awareness, we must recognize its limiting presence. Without higher guidance, it has assisted us in navigating our life experiences. But we are capable of so much more.

We have many clues to guide us, and we have amazing abilities, waiting for us to realize. We have a guiding consciousness that we can feel and resonate with. It is the conscious life force that is part of our essence. When we are in alignment with it, it expresses itself as creation and life-enhancement. It fills us with joy, freedom and self-fulfillment. We may identify it as the expression of the heart of our Being. It is symbolized by our physical heart, which lives to give us life within the limits that we create for it.

As more of us awaken to these realizations, we expand the consciousness of humanity, making it easier for everyone to realize the greatness of who we are. We can all realize the emotions of our soul, such as gratitude, joy, love, abundance, freedom and limitless life. These are part of our true Being. When we search for them, and use our imagination, we allow them to come into our experience. It is only when we are open to them and desire them without doubt that they can manifest for us. Because we are so deeply imbued with doubt and fear, we must be able to surmount our programming through a strong desire and intention to expand our awareness. This expansion happens naturally when we come into resonant alignment with the energetic expression of our heart.

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