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Realizing the Essence of a Greater World

There is such great potential for our awareness and experience. While being completely relaxed in ourselves, we can learn to be comfortably alert, giving ourselves the space to be aware of our inner-most conscious essence, where we can know and feel absolute freedom and unconditional love. Here we experience ourselves as fractals of the consciousness that creates everything. We can know this by how it feels to be imbued with joy and unassailable wisdom. This is the essence of each of us, giving us unlimited creative power through our attention and imagination.


Even in our limited human experience, we have this creative ability. We are always creating, knowingly or not. We have been creating our lives mostly unconsciously by the vibratory qualities of our thoughts and emotions in every moment. When we learn to direct our attention, as much as we are able, to the energies that we love, and we stop thinking about things we don’t like, we begin to train our subconscious mind to align with these vibrations and project them into our experiences.


In this way we transform our lives. As we become adept at intentionally directing our attention to the kinds of things we love and want to experience, we can be accepting of every encounter, regardless of any judgment about any qualities outside of ourselves, and we can be aware of our inner guidance. We can live in a higher dimension of creative freedom and enhancement of all life. Because we are participants in infinite consciousness, everyone and everything we experience is in our own consciousness.


Because we have lived in a spectrum of conscious, creative energies and anti-conscious, life-diminishing energies, we’ve been able to experience life apart from our Source consciousness. Our essence, however, is not bound by the limitations of duality, and we can open our awareness to the greatest wonders we can imagine. Beyond this, we can continue to expand into our infinite cosmic consciousness. Until we begin doing this, it seems impossible to make this our reality.


Everything that exists is an expression of consciousness, and we control our own conscious awareness. As we master our focus of attention, we can transform the energies in our awareness into whatever quality we desire. By finding our inner essence and guidance, we can live in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator. We can transcend any threats, because they do not exist in the realm of acceptance, gratitude and joy. As we focus positively beyond negative polarity, we can hold our attention upon a wonderful realm that exists in our consciousness. We can recognize it and bring it into reality in our experience. It is our gift to the consciousness of humanity, as well as to ourselves.

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Dec 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Brilliant! 🌀 Thank you, as always, very grateful! 💫

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