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Realizing Our Reality

Created in the consciousness of the Creator of all, we are fractals of universal consciousness, having all of the properties and capabilities of the One who originates us. We are our individual eternal present awareness, endowed with the capability of creating universes. We have always existed and will always exist in any form that we choose or in no form at all. The empirical world that we currently experience results from our interaction with the quantum field of all potentialities, which is an energetic expression of universal consciousness. In order to be aware of the empirical world, we have developed our ego-consciousness and imposed upon ourselves a set of limitations that function to make this world seem solid and physical by believing in its reality. We have become so entranced in this empirical world, that we have forgotten the capabilities of our greater, expanded Being.

Those of us who have experienced life beyond the body and the empirical world understand our eternal Self and expanded awareness, but this experience does not necessarily give us the perspective necessary to master the empirical world. We still have to realize our beliefs, how they function in our lives, and how they keep us enclosed within a compartment of our consciousness that we transcend, when we are beyond the physical body.

In the process of incarnation, we designed a way to expand our awareness beyond our conscious compartmentalization. It begins with our intention to deepen our understanding of the truth of who we are. Intuitively, we know this, and we can intend to follow our inner guidance to self-revelation and remembrance of our true identity. We have been given much help by quantum physicists and masters of esoteric spirituality in understanding the workings of consciousness and our interaction with the quantum field and its energetics.

There is no such thing as solid physicality. At the subatomic level, what appears to be material is, upon technological analysis, swirling patterns of conscious entities that manifest as points of present consciousness unlimited by time and space. Time and space are constructs of our own consciousness that enable us to recognize the collection of subatomic beings as material. This world is constructed and deconstructed trillions of times each second, and we constantly interact with it in our mental and emotional state of being.

By our beliefs, imagination and feelings, mostly about ourselves, we create our own energy signature. In this way we interact with resonating energetics in the quantum field. Everything we could ever want is available to us, when we are in a constant state of gratitude for everything in our experience, and when we are feeling fulfilled as the infinitely powerful creators that we are in our essential Being.

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