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Realizing Our Inner Light

We are being invited to be aware of our inner light. Every component of our bodies is a light-being, expressing itself as a swirling form of light-energy. Although it appears to us as physical, it vibrates beyond our perceptual limit, yet we realize it as empirically real for us. Our Sun vibrates at such intensity that we cannot look at it. Much more and we could be blinded. It would be unseen by us, but for our inner awareness, it would have a strong presence. We also have the same kind of presence in our essence beyond space/time and can know one another on an intuitive level. This presence is what we could describe as our light-being, which expresses itself as us beyond our ego-consciousness.

Our inner light is beyond the energetic spectrum of time/space. It is the essence of who we are, and it is the source of our conscious awareness. It has the quality of unconditional love and joy. It is the creative life force constantly arising within the consciousness of the One Being that we all participate in.

In order to open ourselves to this awareness and be receptive to it, we can be meditative and reflective. We are the ones who direct the quality of everything in our lives, from the intricacies of our bodies to our encounters and experiences. Everything begins with our entire personal consciousness (conscious and sub-conscious) and how we feel about ourselves most deeply. This establishes our energy signature, which is our electromagnetic expression. It attracts experiences that resonate with it.

As we are able to align with love and joy in our imagination and emotions as a constant state of being, we create the energy patterns that attract compatible experiences. This is possible for all of us, once we realize how life works, and we develop a constant focus on the kinds of energies we love the most.

In our deepest Being we are all of the same essence, which gives us infinite creative power for the enhancement of all life. When we learn to align with this energy, our outer experiences reflect the same qualities as our state of Being. There is no chaos, threats or fear. There is only the energy of life-enhancement, and it is our invitation to inner awareness.

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